Category: Wealth Management

February 25, 2021
Optimizing Required Minimum Distributions

Seventy-two is an important age milestone for those in or near retirement, as it marks the time when required minimum distributions (RMDs) begin to be withdrawn annually from IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans (previously, the threshold was 70 ½). The milestone ca...

February 16, 2021
How To Tally Your Social Security Benefits

In an effort to save money, the Social Security Administration (SSA) stopped mailing annual statements nearly a decade ago. The yearly statements were helpful, as they helped workers estimate their Social Security benefits....

February 15, 2021
Higher Learning and 529 Plans

For many people, a 529 savings plan offers an opportunity to achieve an important life goal and improve overall financial health. As college and university administrators determine how higher education will look in the future (classes on campus, remote learning or a mix of b...

February 15, 2021
Risk and Return: A Closer Look

Many prospective investors eventually shy away from a commitment when they hear the dreaded “R” word: risk. By itself, risk is innocuous, carrying no special meaning or predictive result. But the idea that investing one’s money is not foolproof; that there are risks in...

February 15, 2021
Common Retirement Investment Mistakes

While there is no single action that can boost the collective confidence of retirees, there are several key investment mistakes that, if avoided, can help maximize retirement savings and provide confidence to those who are entering their Golden Years....

February 15, 2021
What’s Your Appetite for Risk?

Life involves risk. One of them is retirement, and whether the money we save to fund it will last. Do your employees understand their risk, and actions they can take now to manage it?...

February 15, 2021
You’re Never Too Young to Begin Investing

You’re never too young to begin building an investment portfolio.  There’s a simple word that has profound implications for savings and investing: compounding. Like a snowball that grows as it rolls down a hill, compounding provides the potential for your money to grow,...

January 25, 2021
Year End Tax Planning Tips

Few words can dampen the cheer and optimism of a New Year like taxes. Let’s face it, the time for holidays, time off, and family should be celebratory, not burdensome. But if you approach taxes with an eye toward reducing your liability for next year, the concept becomes m...