Relief at the Pump and for Portfolios?


By: Scott Brown, CMT, Technical Market Strategist, LPL Financial & Quincy Krosby, Chief Equity Strategist, LPL Financial 

2022 has been rough all-around for the American consumer. Not only are we battling decades-high inflation, but investors’ portfolios are off to one of the worst starts to a year in history as we near the halfway point. Our technical work is first and foremost rooted in trend following, and the trend in both stock and bond prices so far this year have of course been down. However, one trend that has been strongly higher is energy prices. It may be early, but we see some potential signs that energy trends could be changing, which would not only have positive implications for consumers’ wallets, but also potentially investors’ investment portfolios.

Read the full commentary here: weekly-market-commentary-6.27.2022


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