Is the Stock Market Correction Over?


By: Adam Turnquist, CMT, Chief Technical Strategist

There is nothing like an eight-day winning streak to change the market narrative. Stocks have quickly gone from a correction to a comeback this month, and the S&P 500 is now challenging key resistance at 4,400. While a confirmed breakout above this level raises the odds of the correction being over, there are still a few boxes left to check on our technical list before making that call. One of the unchecked items is market breadth. Despite the recent rally, participation in the latest rebound has been underwhelming, raising questions over the sustainability of the advance. Second, 10-year Treasury yields remain in an uptrend, and until more technical evidence confirms the highs have been set, it may be challenging for stocks to maintain their upside momentum.

Read the full commentary here: weekly-market-commentary-11.13.2023


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