Key Equity Themes Underlying U.S. Stock Market Outlook for 2024


By: Jeffrey Buchbinder, CFA, Chief Equity Strategist & Adam Turnquist, CMT, Chief Technical Strategist

Following the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) aggressive rate-hiking campaign in 2022 and 2023, stocks are entering a phase in which the market narrative is focused on interest-rate stability — as inflation, we believe, comes down further. Low and stable interest rates should help support stock valuations, while corporate profits are moving into a sweet spot. So even though stocks look fully valued, if rates ease as we expect, we could see upside to our year-end 2024 fair-value target range of 4,850 to 4,950. We highlight some key themes for stocks next year.

Read the full commentary here: weekly-market-commentary-12.18.2023


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